NyaMani Designs Handcrafted Jewelry

The majority of the pieces in this collection are limited editions due to the vintage sourcing of the lace. Lace pieces are hand dyed (in specific pieces) and strategically cut and stiffened when needed to sustain structural durability and to ensure the natural beauty and texture of the lace remains in tact. All earring hooks used are nickel free and hypoallergenic and most earring designs come in choices of Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Plated, Platinum or Brass for pieces where the aesthetic integrity of the design is not compromised (this applies to occasional for sale, as is pieces only). Lastly, despite the size of some earrings because they are made with lace all are lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear.

In addition to the piece itself, the lace used is often fabricated by hand, because of this you may notice slight "imperfections" in the lace. These perceived flaws are purposely preserved as they are an integral part of the design and adds to its uniqueness and distinct originality.