Being Intentional

I started this scarf during Summer then put it down for a while before finally finishing it in time for Winter. I currently have 5 work‘s in progress in queue + November/December orders to process but I had to put those projects a side (not the orders of course but the work‘s in progress) and be intentional about finishing this scarf. It ended up coming out better than I had originally designed it to. Intentionality is key to success. I’m placing it on the highest pedestal in my making and creating and I endeavor to position intent at a higher level in my process. It just makes perfect sense to me. 
BTW, this scarf will be available in my shop soon, I just have to tie up a few loose ends first.


The Queen Piece

The Journey Bracelet

The Journey Bracelet

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
Or because my hue isn't fair
Or because I'm comfortable in my skin
Despite the kinkiness of my hair

Don't hate me because I'm a Queen
From a lineage not many knew
Like Makeda, Nefatari, and Cleopatra
To name just a few

Don't hate me because my pride stands out
Despite your evil ways through the rape and
Oppression of a thousand years My strength
Will outlast your days

Once a possession of Babylon
Now seated high on Mt. Zion
The mother of civilization
The beginning of all creation
The embodiment of emancipation
And exploitation of my people's degradation

Don't hate me because it's I who
Loves myself unconditionally
Without giving a damn or bit of
Concern about your opinion of me

Don't hate me because I allow
Myself not to be labeled as "black"
I know the inference of it's meaning,
The hate in it's tone and of it's root
Word meaning lack

I lack nothing, and in myself was always
Complete and true to me nothing more need
Be added my spirit's forever renewed

But love me for I am a daughter of creation
With the secret of life etched in
My genetic composition

All life on this earth through me has to pass
And my God given ability to create will
Now and throughout eternity last

Love me because I am a woman
With strength for all to see
Allowing Divine order to prevail in my
Life of which you call a mystery

Try not to figure it out
You will only be further confused
Just love me for me and allow me to be
Pure spirit with power infused

Love me because I let not my worth
Be determined by your view of me
I say what I feel and express the same
Without conforming to society

Love me because I am a Queen
A descendant from many before
I now one among many on earth
But the future hold's many more


©Natisha Iloka. All Rights Reserved.

Something About Soapstone


Soapstone is a nonporous, nonabsorbent and heat resistant metamorphic rock that is composed primarily of talc. Soapstone, also known as steatite, can be found all over the world. Much of the soapstone seen today comes from Brazil, China or India. Significant deposits also exist in Australia and Canada, as well as in England, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. Stones from different countries have different properties, but all are geologically stable, solid and not affected by humidity, therefore objects carved from soapstone last a very long time. Soapstone acquired its name due to its waxy or soapy feeling surface. The talc mineral in soapstone gives it a soft, smooth feel making it the perfect material to work into a carving or ornamental sculpture piece. In the art world, soapstone is used for inlaid designs and sculpture with some Native Americans using soapstone for traditional carvings. The outer layers of “The Christ Redeemer” statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are made of Soapstone because of its durability and ease of application. Soapstone carvings have been found in several places in the United States, both as pieces of art and useful objects.

Some pieces I've used this versatile natural stone in are The Alabaster and Golden Tiger.