The Language of Summer Soul

My newest collection has launched and i'm very excited about it. This collection is comprised of Bohemian chic, 70's vintage and African inspired beaded jewelry that speaks the language of summer to the creative soul. I brought together a minimalist yet expressive mix of only the finest elements such as natural wood and precious metal beads along with wires and chains of platinum, gold and silver. Simple designs and a minimalist approach is what I aimed for in this collection. I created this expression for the woman who understands that minimalist style does not equate to boring or repeatedly seen trends. She who has a desire for expressive simplicity in accessories but appreciates the uniqueness of handmade and knows this is the catalyst for boho chic style and individuality. This collection will speak the language of summer to the creative soul who desires statement pieces that give a gentle whisper instead of a yell. Simply stacked natural wood bracelets accented with only a single metal bead, layered chain necklaces with hand-strung bead pendants and wood beaded hoop earrings made with handcrafted ear wires lay the foundation for this eclectic collection. So if you're over summer jewelry trends, beaded bracelets with trinkets and pendants or charms dangling about and want to turn heads and make a statement without saying a word, then the Summer Soul Collection is for you. Certainly nothing you'll see at your local accessories store in the mall just simple, chic, minimalist style with a bohemian focus sprinkled with a touch of African inspiration 70's vintage appeal. To view this collection click on the picture below.