A Wife Deserved

I wrote this poem in 2008, 3 years before I met my husband, it was inspired by God and one of the many times He ministered to me concerning my then future marriage.

I had a conversation with a man
who posed a question to me
on what type of wife I feel I would be
this was my response to his inquiry........

If you’re deserving,
I’ll be one of noble character focused only on you
not desperate for you, but found questing, for you

Some may not be aware that the titles
wife/woman are interchangeable,
where the Word of God is concerned,
they and are not re-arrangeable

They both define the qualities instilled
and seeds planted when we inhabited
Eden and were blessed by Creation

In the garden, where God walked and
talked with us in sacred pure relation
where he downloaded in time His
intent and will for our conduct

The destiny of fallen man, disrupted
the intended plan, for our future
but we are still blessed, accompanied by
virtue and harboring a worth far more
precious than rubies

I remembered the seed placed in me,
to fully develop it was my aim
so I focused on prayer, hid my heart in God
until I was fully a wife to claim

Now, this discovery of mine wasn’t
laid out in black and white
I had to spend time with God, in communion
with Him before it was revealed in plain sight

I’ll share a bit of this with you and touch on it
slightly it may cause some confusion, so I’ll
give it to you lightly, I was created, by God,
in the form of woman, physically, with wifely
qualities in me injected characteristically

He told me His original intent was for woman
to be a wife and through man, for him,
created a helpmeet should a great call be
placed on his life

Now if you give it some thought, in your mind
let it mingle, God created man intentionally
single but woman never was, she was formed
from a tangible part of man and to man is
woman forever bonded

We were created to be the helpmeet, to a
husband who needs one so there’s really no
way I could ever not be one

But not all men are in need of a wife
some can take what God gave them and be
productive in life but others are wired differently
and destined for greatness

A man who’s call is much deeper than most
will see his need for a woman, much deeper,
than most

Some men may limit themselves to a "hit it
and quit it" type of woman but a real man,
seeking his destiny, will intuitively tap into his
need for me

I mean, not me necessarily but a wife just the same
To take hold of that woman and give her his name

Now I hope you can take it, and don’t mind
hearing this because I’m gonna rhyme a bit more,
and get somewhat deep with this

A man, if made to be a husband, will instinctively
see the exceptional value God placed within me
and without fear, admit for his lock, I hold the key

With my love he’ll come to terms and
completely understand that it can not and
will not be given to just any man

He must be one of security and confidence
intelligent and responsible in regard to self-reliance
taking notice of the impeccable gifts that I bring
and sure enough to celebrate them with fidelity
and a ring

Recognizing I abide by the spirit which resides
in my temple and allow me to be his help and
meet him right where he is because he is my man

The kind that’s true and real
one who will cover me, lead with
authority and give me his wounds to heal

Without reluctance, my help, he'll graciously accept it
and not feel threatened by the fact that he kept it
because he sees the gifts God put inside of me
to propel him into the success he was purposed to be

I read in the bible and to this scripture I cling
that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing, well
I am a good thing and a good thing I am, to be treasured,
found priceless as the pearl of a clam

I’ll walk proudly in my calling as wife
before I’m made one on earth, take the
dreams of my man, and to them help him give birth

I’ll ensure his respect, by my side safely he’ll
lay in the security of pure motives from me
given his way

My desire for him only, will be evident to all
I’ll support, love and encourage him and come
should he call

I’ll take care of him daily like no other woman will
And cater to him willingly through submission he’ll feel

We will openly express the freedom God gave us
The bond of husband and wife when he originally
made us

In a love affair with him I’ll exclusively engage
With rewards for the married like a love poems page

From the touch of my hand, he’ll abase to intoxication
His calm I'll procure through rest and relation

My femininity, will soothe away his tension
And with the melody of my voice, bring his heart

Okay, let me stop there, I'm sure my answer is fitting
I think you understand now what I said in the beginning

If you accept what I’ve said and you think
you have the nerve, rest assured, if you’ve found me,
I’m the wife you deserve.

© 2008-2017 Natisha Iloka. All Rights Reserved.