Nature Inspired

"Inspiration is beautiful and it is all around us, beauty is my motivation, God crafts my creativity and that in its raw form is my inspiration...this is Gods work."   -Natisha

The abstract moves me. It drives me to optics not normally utilized in my normal observations. Normally, I do not like flowers. Flower print is my least favorite, next, stripes. Abstract flowers are my most adored image as it relates to art, hence the pictured flower above. I was inspired to create this linocut by my love for the abstract, in this case, flowers. A single flower, not sure what type but I cut it as I envisioned it and I thought it was beautiful, so I printed it. This relief printed image will be used on spring and summer lightweight scarves and possibly clutch pouches I will soon produce. Unfortunately, I'm not into real flowers much although I do think sunflowers and orchids are pretty. If I had to choose a bouquet, these would certainly be a part of it. If anyone knows what flower this resembles, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you!