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Called To Create


I am not a teacher but I can teach, I am not a motivational speaker but I can encourage, I am not a counselor but I can give advice.

I am an artist and I am called to create art, through that, I magnify the greatest Creator, I am definitely not one dimensional but staying in my lane is a choice.

I choose to use this platform to magnify the Father, not myself, but my art, which in turn magnifies the Father, it is through His anointing that I am able to do what I do. I will always choose to promote Him because whether He resides in you or not, magnifying Him is a choice.

We can shift the territory so it aligns with the word of God” - Tim Sheets, Angel Armies

The Queen Piece

The Journey Bracelet

The Journey Bracelet

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
Or because my hue isn't fair
Or because I'm comfortable in my skin
Despite the kinkiness of my hair

Don't hate me because I'm a Queen
From a lineage not many knew
Like Makeda, Nefatari, and Cleopatra
To name just a few

Don't hate me because my pride stands out
Despite your evil ways through the rape and
Oppression of a thousand years My strength
Will outlast your days

Once a possession of Babylon
Now seated high on Mt. Zion
The mother of civilization
The beginning of all creation
The embodiment of emancipation
And exploitation of my people's degradation

Don't hate me because it's I who
Loves myself unconditionally
Without giving a damn or bit of
Concern about your opinion of me

Don't hate me because I allow
Myself not to be labeled as "black"
I know the inference of it's meaning,
The hate in it's tone and of it's root
Word meaning lack

I lack nothing, and in myself was always
Complete and true to me nothing more need
Be added my spirit's forever renewed

But love me for I am a daughter of creation
With the secret of life etched in
My genetic composition

All life on this earth through me has to pass
And my God given ability to create will
Now and throughout eternity last

Love me because I am a woman
With strength for all to see
Allowing Divine order to prevail in my
Life of which you call a mystery

Try not to figure it out
You will only be further confused
Just love me for me and allow me to be
Pure spirit with power infused

Love me because I let not my worth
Be determined by your view of me
I say what I feel and express the same
Without conforming to society

Love me because I am a Queen
A descendant from many before
I now one among many on earth
But the future hold's many more


©Natisha Iloka. All Rights Reserved.