NMD Custom is comprised of original designs that for sale as is and/or with a custom reproduction option. All pieces are handmade to order and one of a kind and will not be replicated once the original design is reproduced through customization and sold. The reason for this is that access to most of the lace I use is limited due to vintage sourcing making some if not most of my pieces limited edition. This also applies to my knitwear items as certain yarns go out of stock or dye lots become unavailable. Depending on the intricacies and details of a certain piece, I may not allow for reproduction. If this sounds confusing, don't worry it will all be crystal clear after your consultation. Remember this is art, creativity and freedom. There are exceptions to every rule and I leave plenty of room for flexibility as it relates to the availability of current and past designs. 

I approach the execution of every design as an exciting new challenge. Each piece is approached with the same intent but different techniques in relation to the design elements being utilized. Each design is decidedly unique in its own way and never are any two designs exactly alike even if similar in concept. Each piece of lace used in all NMD lace jewelry is precision cut by hand into a specific design from vintage lace fabric of the finest quality. Imported and domestic high end lace is used in the fabrication of my pieces. To maintain the structural integrity of the laces' shape, it is lightly stiffened for hold and durability. A great deal of care, craftsmanship and expertise is put into every piece birthed from my hands. It is the most beautiful of processes for me yielding the utmost benefit for the potential owner of the piece. From start to finish, each piece is handled by my two hands only, creating consistency in the form, function and finish of the design.

Only the highest and finest quality materials are used in my designs.

Jewelry Elements

Free flowing individual lace strands, graduated lace beading, striking medallions, intertwined netted motifs and see through silhouettes are just some of the intricate details found within the lace used in my jewelry designs. Only genuine Swarovski crystal elements are used when a specific design calls for it as these are the gold standard in the fashion design industry. Semi-precious gemstones and precious metals grace many of my pieces to add a touch of elegance or a hard edge. Hand dyeing the lace fabric is another exciting element I add to my jewelry. I absolutely love colors and creating out of the ordinary color combinations adds another layer of expression to my pieces. In the future I hope to explore the use of
natural elements to dye my fabric sustainably. Other additions and embellishments are used in my designs such as rare and vintage findings and hardware. Although some would call my jewelry "statement pieces" I certainly don't make low quality, seasonal or trendy costume-type jewelry which would serve to artificially dictate the obsolescence of my designs. My pieces are well thought out and I take as much time as I deem necessary for the fabrication and production of everything I make ensuring consistent quality and excellence.

Please note: The designs featured in this series cannot be changed, only the elements can be altered. If you would like a brand new design, please see my Bespoke page.

Customization Options

Custom options vary by piece but range wide in scope, they include:

  • Yarn type
  • Yarn color
  • Measurements
  • Lace color
  • Semi-precious beads
  • Chain type (precious metal)
  • Hardware & Findings (color or precious metal)
  • Ear hook types (style and precious metal)
  • Swarovski Crystal color & size