Silver Textured Yahovah + Chai Necklace


Silver Textured Yahovah + Chai Necklace

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Verticle textured rectangle pendant necklace featuring the original name of the Most-High God (Yahovah) along with chai  (חי), the Hebrew word for life consisting of two Hebrew letters —chet (ח) and yud (י) hand stamped in Hebrew letters on the surface. hand stamped on the surface. The pendant hangs from a link chain necklace. Necklace lengths range from 14" to 24". The letter imprint can be darkened or left natural as pictured. This necklace is made entirely with sterling silver or brass components.

•• Handmade to order
•• Material: Solid Brass | Sterling Silver
•• Pendant Width: - 10mm (.39")
•• Pendant Height: -  45mm (1.77")

lease note, each letter is hammered into the metal individually by hand and therefore letters may be slightly off centered or misaligned. These subtle imperfections add to the unique beauty of each piece and speak to the handmade craftsmanship utilized in its production. 

Metal Type:
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Necklace Length:
▪ 14 inches = 35 cm (Age 5 years Or Under).
▪ 16 inches = 40 cm (Age 6-18 years).
▪ 18 inches = 45 cm (Most popular size for women).
▪ 20 inches = 50 cm (Please See Size Picture).
▪ 22 inches = 55 cm (Please See Size Picture).
▪ 24 inches = 60 cm (Please see Size Picture).

The handmade techniques used in the fabrication of my jewelry mean each piece is unique with no two pieces being exactly identical. Every effort is made to make each piece as close to exact and perfect as possible.