adjective be·spoke \bi-ˈspōk, bē-\  anything commissioned to a particular specification; custom made or made to individual order.

Through private commissions, the clients vision and individuality can be expressed in a yell through a statement piece or even a whisper depending on their personality. I marry this with my skills and master craftsmanship to create a piece as unique and individual as the clients own personal signature. Working directly with a client and taking into full consideration their personal style ensures a uniquely designed piece to be cherished for a lifetime and of which they will be the sole possessor. Never will an NMD bespoke piece be reproduced or be made available for public sale.

The process involved in obtaining your exclusive jewelry or knitwear is a fairly simple but exciting one. Your involvement in this process is key as you will personally share your vision with me and have a hand in bringing the vision of your artwear to life from start to finish. The bespoke piece is based entirely on your wants and needs which include your personal measurements and choice of numerous material options based on the mediums I work with.

My bespoke process begins with an initial consultation by phone. Click the button below to fill out the information form and I will contact you promptly.