Designs for the Creative Soul

The creation of intriguing visual and wearable art through timeless designs brought fourth through handcrafted creativity. The fusion of craftsmanship & artistry balanced with form and function. The formula which makes every NMD piece a statement of beauty & unique expression of one's individual & personal style.


Pieces Of Me

There is no better way to get a glimpse into the mind and heart of an artist than to examine her artistic expressions. This collection of poetry allows the reader to see the Natisha's insight, fears, sensitivity and sense of humor. Pieces Of Me: The Poetry Piece is an intimate and honest volume of thoughts and feelings conveyed from the heart through the art of poetry. First published in 2010 and only now being made available for sale, this book's 2nd Edition will be available for sale June 2017.


Custom Portfolio


The designs featured in this gallery labeled "limited edition" are original designs that are not for sale as is but are available for custom reproduction. This means .......


Private commissions


Through private commissions, the clients vision and individuality can be expressed in a yell through a statement piece or even a whisper depending on their personality......